Winter School on Photophysics of Hybrid Interfaces


Location: Ambroz pod Krvavcem, Slovenia

Dates: January 15th to 18th, 2017


Christoph Gadermaier, Department for Complex Matter, Jo┼żef Stefan Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia, christoph.gadermaier ♦ ijs • si

Johannes Gierschner, IMDEA Madrid, Spain



In the last decades, organic optoelectronics have made their way from academic imagination to real devices. To push efficiencies or generate novel functionalities, next generation materials are now based on complex multi-component 'hybrid' structures, which combine organic semiconductors with other organic or inorganic semiconductors or metals. Application of such hybrid structures in functional systems however requires an understanding of the photo-/physical properties at the nanoscale level, which often crosses the boundaries of the single disciplines and thus requires inter-disciplinary communication. The COST training school in fact seeks for such understanding, inviting experts working on different hybrid systems both from experimental and theory. The young audience, i.e. Master & PhD students and postdocs from physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering will receive a unique insight into the current status of hybrid structures, stimulating discussions to overcome classical boundaries between the disciplines.

The program will include also hands-on training in advanced data analysis and allow some spare time for winter sports. We have about 30 places for students and early stage researchers available.

Partial travel support can be applied for if your affiliation is from a member country of the COST Action Nanospectroscopy and the travel is not funded from any other sources. Funds for additional travel costs (such as airfare) have to be covered by the participants.


Group picture:







Metal nanoparticles / dye systems

Molecules on Metals

Metal-Organic Frameworks

Inorganic/Organic Semiconductors

Quantum dots in Polymers

Organic/Inorganic 2D materials

Perovskite Solar Cells

Organic/Organic & Organic Carbons

Organic Co-crystals for Optoelectronics

Photophysics of Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

Optical/Raman Imaging of Bulk Heterojunctions

All-Organic Supramolecular Host-Guest Compounds

Molecules on Graphene